Client Fee Guide

Your guide to understanding the other charges that may be applied to your bill

  • Talent Search $49.99 (3 possible matches)
  • Black & White Printing $0.45/page
  • Full Coloured Printing $0.65/page
  • Late Payment Interest Rate 1.5% per month of outstanding amount
  • Edits $29.99/edit
  • Local Ground Travelling $0.41/km
  • PowerPoint® Slides $1.99/slide*
  • Referral Commission Rate 5%

  • Virtual Campus Data Recovery $39.99
  • Expedited Service $59.99 (minimum 2 hours required)
  • Shipping Rates (FedEx, DHL, Tara)
  • Consulting Fee $50/hour
  • International Travel (Please contact us)
  • Training on Public Holiday +20%/session
  • Research Fee $41.99/hour

Points to Note (Fees may change without notice)

  • Printing is limited to letter and legal size papers only
  • Virtual Campus Data Recovery fee is applicable based on our data deletion policy. Click here to view 
  • Expedited service is limited to presentations only
  • Consulting fee becomes payable at the end of the consultation. Proof of payment may be requested prior to commencing the consultation
  • *Assuming client provides all resource materials