Mazcons offers a standardized, secure, and user-friendly eLearning environment that is being continuously built based on years of industry experience. We empower your organization to deliver innovative, current, and relevant content that reflects your employees’ training needs. So, give your employees the gift of enjoying learning on a functionally rich Learning Management System that is available 24/7, whenever they need it.

Wide Variety of Industry Specific Training Programs

Mazcons offers you a wide variety of industry specific training programs that are suitable for all categories of staff. We currently offer standardized and customized training programs for organizations and individuals in the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Lower Total Training Costs

Although face-to-face training is still an effective training method, eLearning offers life-long learners, like your staff, an added bonus to access well-needed training programs for personal development or certification while on the go. Effectively reduce your training cost by giving your staff access to a secure, user-friendly, and functionality rich eLearning platform so that disruptions in your already busy operations are significantly reduced because your staff can learn anywhere and anytime.

Functionally Rich, Secure, and User-friendly Interface

Our eLearning platform was designed to be highly responsive, accessible, and easy to navigate on any Internet enabled device. So, whether your employees are using a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet, they will virtually have unlimited access to their training content. Give them the unique opportunity to enjoy an online learning environment backed by over 15 years of Internet security risk management best practices where their sensitive personal and training information are kept secured. Our training platform was built with your employees’ various learning styles and stages of educational development in mind. That’s why your employees will benefit tremendously from an attractive interface that uses appropriate symbols, images, and texts to help them efficiently navigate their learning environment.

Personalized Dashboard

We offer all learners a personalized dashboard that fits their ‘personality’. Your employees will benefit from a dashboard that is organized to display training content that will facilitate effective learning. Each dashboard is customizable and provides learners the unique opportunity to access links to their training programs, unread forum posts, upcoming assessments, grades, and so much more!

Collaborative Learning Tools and Activities

Who said learning isn’t fun? Our eLearning platform allows learners to work together on their assignments and other program requirements in forums, wikis, glossaries, chats, and surveys. Our overall aim is to ensure your employees enjoy learning as much as we enjoy training!

Track Your Employees’ Progress

We offer training managers the opportunity to effectively and efficiently keep track of their employees’ progress by using our all-in-one calendar that keeps you up-to-date with training program deadlines, group meetings, and other upcoming events. You will also have access to our convenient file management system that will allow you to drag and drop files from your Dropbox, MS OneDrive, or Google Drive to your training program. Receive automatic notifications on deadlines, assessment results, and your employees’ overall training progress.

We all know that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why we have taken the bold and strategic move to address our clients’ training needs on a case-by-case basis. All developed training programs are based on competency-based learning focusing on critical competencies needed to successfully carryout specific job functions and standards measuring employees’ performance and capabilities. At the end of each training program, your employees will be eligible to be assessed for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) certification. READ MORE HERE

In-depth Training Needs Analysis

If you have not already conducted an analysis of your current organizational strengths and gaps in competencies, we have the years of experience to get it done right for you and within budget. Let’s work with you to provide a fun-filled, targeted, and informative training program that will lead to increased employee productivity since success is personally defined!

Bespoke Training Program

The spotlight is on your organization’s overall training needs and we are committed to developing your uniquely designed training program that draws from your existing training resources or from our catalogue of training materials to offer a training that is specifically for your target audience.

Comprehensive Tailor Made Training Documents

Purchasing ready-made training materials may save you time and money but there are times when what you really need may not be readily available. We design instructors’ and participants’ training materials, such as training manuals and workbooks, based on your bespoke training program. And remember, you retain the copyright to all training materials developed for your customized training program.

Training Program Delivery

We offer train-the-trainer services for your nominated trainer(s) or you may opt to use an experienced and competent trainer to deliver your training program. Whatever you decide, we will work closely with you to ensure your organization’s training objectives are met.

Getting employees trained in new skills areas, company policies and procedures, or just to improve their current skill set requires a certain level of expertise in developing relevant and engaging training content. At Mazcons, we use the latest technology coupled with our years of industry experience and innovative approach to develop cutting edge training content for any learning platform. So, whether your trainees will be accessing courseware on a laptop, desktop, Learning Management System, smartphone, or tablet, we have you covered.

Training Videos

We effortlessly develop eLearning content that is effective and targeted using state-of-the-art technology to bring your organization’s learning and development needs together. Your training videos will be created and saved in a file format that you specify for your intended use.

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Compelling Presentations

Let us design your PowerPoint® presentations while you focus on what you do best – deliver training programs. For a fraction of the cost, we will quickly develop impactful presentations that will command the respect of your target audience. And, if you are pressed for time, we offer an express service to quickly edit and return your presentations within hours of receiving your request.

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Training Guides, Manuals, and Handbooks

Get your training guides, manuals, and handbooks professionally designed to captivate your audience. We design all training materials using an innovative approach and the latest design technology to achieve your intended look and feel.  

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Training Assessments and Surveys

Our experienced and dedicated team has the skill set to design training assessments and surveys that are valid and reliable. Let’s help you gather data that are useful to your trainees to improve their behavior and skills.

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